Your computer no longer starts, it is very slow or has problems (viruses, spyware, etc.)?
We are at your service to help out you.

It solutions for all your needs

Computer sale

Need a new computer?
We are here to advise you and
provide material tailored to your needs, whether
for a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet.

-Installation, repair and configuration of computers. 
-Sale of new and used computer system. 
-Installation and upgrade of computer component. 
-Suppression of viruses and malware. 
-Development of website.
-Recovery of lost data following a material break.

Installation and Setup

You have a new device but prefer to entrust
its installation to a professional. We are in
able to service your PC, Tablet,.
phone, TV and all connected object.

Hourly rate:

-In the workshop: $50.00 / hour

-Mobile service:
$70.00 for the first hour
and $50.00 per additional hours

-Formatting the hard drive and reinstalling
operating system: $75.00 + Tx

Our qualified technicians are at your service
and explain in clear terms,
the solutions to your computers
in order to optimize their performance.

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